The Watermelon Radish

The Watermelon Radish
A Kid's Point of Food

Saturday, November 12, 2011


My moms friend from college came to visit us, her name is Joy. We wanted to go somewhere special, so we decided to go to Lukshon. I had wanted to go to this restaurant last week, but my dad wasn't feeling well so we didn't go. When we got there we could see outdoor planters filled with rocks, with fire burning on them. When we got inside we all sat down at a booth and looked at the menu. Each of which was conveniently labeled either;
I looked at the eat and drink menus. For a drink I ordered the "Fresh and Tasty" Ginger ale. Our appetizer was the Hawaiian Butter Fish with pickled WATERMELON RADISHES!!!!! I didn't eat the fish because it was a bit too fishy for me, but everyone else thought it tasted just fine. The watermelon radishes on the side were amazing and I ate most of them! Then we ordered the Duck Popiah, which was super good. The outside was like a thin layer of dough, and on the inside there were crunchy pickled Jicama slices. The best part of this Duck Popiah was the actual duck inside, it had the consistency of pulled pork and was very flavorful and juicy that may have been the hoisen chile sauce. Next we ordered Chinese Eggplant, these were like crunchy little french fries except they had this red curry sauce on them that was amazingly good. The sauce on the eggplant was spicy and if these thing were french fires it would be the ketchup.

Then we got the special Brussel Sprouts which were cooked hot on the inside, were crunchy on the outside, and had little sesame seeds on them. Those Brussle Sprouts were to DIE for!

For the main course we ordered a whole Seabass, and I do mean whole. The fish came complete with its head and tail. It was smothered in spicy sauce (black bean ghee) with a substance that was most likely KIM CHI. I did not touch that fish because I always get the bones in whole fish and I didn't feel like choking on a bone. But it must have been great because there was nothing left but bones when the adults were done with it. Then we had this red rice, which I think was called the Bhutanese Red Rice, it was really good and I ate a lot of that. It was kind of crunchy and had egg and tasted like it had a little sea food in there. Finally, we had the thing that I wanted the most.....THE DANDAN NOODLES! These were not spicy at all, but the adults at the table thought they were! I ate two bowls of it and then was to full to eat any more. These noodles had pork in a spicy sauce that was not unlike pasta sauce.

Finally dessert, three things, a mini carrot cake that was really flavorful and had some coconut sorbet on the side that gave it a freshness that it needed. A chocolate blend with coffee chips and vanilla ice cream, this was OK because I don't really like chocolate. The last dessert was my favorite, it was a mango puree that tasted like a smoothie! I reccomend this restaurant, it is really wonderful and happening!
Watermelon Radish