The Watermelon Radish

The Watermelon Radish
A Kid's Point of Food

Friday, August 27, 2010


Last night I went to the sushi restaurant, Ajisai. First I had a raw spinach salad, the spinach was really good. The only thing I don’t eat but I have tried in that salad are the Enoki mushrooms, I don’t like them because the mushrooms are long and stringy. The whole thing is drizzled with a light, mild ponzu sauce. Then I had Halibut sushi, the reason I like it is because it has a lemon citrus sauce and a little bit of sea salt. Next Albacore sushi, it has a ponzu sauce and the tuna is pink. Then my favorite, spicy tuna shrimp tempura hand roll. The roll has one piece of shrimp tempura, a little bit of rice and spicy tuna. The roll is wrapped in seaweed ( another favorite).

To finish off my meal I had pork gyoza, which I really like because it has a special secret sauce. Guess I'm just a 'saucy' kid. A fresh orange finishes the meal.

Afterwards we all went to Yogurt Stop, a pump it yourself place. I had Vanilla yogurt, caramel sauce and gummy worms. My dad always has his vanilla with Butterfinger and Reeses pieces, he says “ fruit is for cereal. Meanwhile Tio Pigpen disagrees he loads up on fruit.

That's all for today!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A San Francisco Treat !

At the end of camp we met our parents in San Francisco. We visited Alcatraz, it was really great and I recommend going there. Then we went to the main ferry building and we all went to a burger place called Gotts, which it is also in Napa, St. Helena and San Fran. I ordered a very powdery breaded cheese burger, with lettuce, tomato and pickles and a special sauce, Very, very good. Or as I like to say, yum yum yum. My friend had a regular hamburger, and gave it a thumbs up. Her parents got ahi fish tacos with a spicy aoli sauce, they loved them.

Our family ordered regular fries but our friends had sweet potato fries. We shared an order of fried green tomatoes. Dad said “ It’s all in the tomatoes” which means that if the tomatoes are not good the whole thing is messed up. In this case the tomatoes were not good. (but they sure looked good, as you can see)

After lunch we walked the building and stopped at a chocolate shop. My friend had honey chocolate, I do not know how it tasted but she was happy! My mom had raspberry chocolate, It was very good! I had a nice fluffy marshmallow. It was better than a regular marshmallow,because it was vanilla bean.

Heading home!

Tot Ziens!

P.S. that's goodbye in Dutch

Friday, August 13, 2010


Today I‘ll share my views on camp food.

Day one: I made a taco filled with salad and a tiny bit of meat. The shell of the taco was crunchy and the filling was healthy and not too spicy.

Everyday at lunch and dinner there is a main salad bar with fruits and vegtables and a ‘special bar’ that changes at each meal, like a nacho bar or potato bar or salad bar... The only camp requirement was that we eat a fruit or vegetable each meal. Seemed like a good idea.

After doing every thing I did in a day, swimming in a lake, sliding down water slides and driving go-carts, I had to eat a healthy meal! A good energy rich breakfast, including fruit, a breakfast burrito, but it won’t be complete without chocolate milk and a glass of water.

After breakfast. I do two activities and then a good power lunch to build muscles: a green salad with ranch dressing and some nachos on top with meat and a little cheese - yum yum yum.

Followed by rest hour!

Two more activities. Like animal care and GIANT slip n’ slide. Then we have shower hour and it’s dinner. A salad with ranch dressing, chicken fingers and a brownie or a slice of cake.

The last day I tried Vegemite. It’s from Australia and I think it is a paste made with veggies. Anyway, I tried it on white toast. Never ever ever ever try it! It was salty and coated my throat with a dry feeling. But, that is my opinion. IF you like Vegemite and you are reading my blog, please tell me the Watermelon Radish why you like it.

Signing off with our Closing campfire song...

Black socks

they never get dirty

the more that you wear them the blacker they get

someday I think I shall wash them

but something keeps telling me

don’t do it yet

not yet

not yet

not yet

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I’m back from camp and a few days in San Francisco!

So let me tell you all about it, cause I had a really great time !

On our way to River Way Camp in the Sequoia’s, we spent the afternoon and night in Lemon Cove at The Plantation.

A B & B where every room has a character theme from Gone With the Wind. My friend and I had the ‘Ashley Wilkes’ room, my parents had ‘Belles’ room ( the heart of gold prostitute) and my friends’ parents had the ‘Scarlet O’ Hara’ room. The Plantation was all about the home made breakfast.

First we were served a beautiful goblet of granola with homemade strawberry yogurt. Then, I had two delicious lemon glazed molasses scones, which were amazing. Plus super sweet freshly squeezed orange juice from a local orchard. For our main dish,a cup of hot coco and a Chili Rellenos. Which is like a chili omelet, but it has a half a chili dipped in batter, served open face covered with cheese. I didn’t think I would like it but It was surprisingly good. (sadly, I was so full I could not finish it).

The downside of the B & B was that we only stayed one night. Oops! I lied there was another downside -which makes two. Whenever my mom went to the bathroom there was a portrait of Rhett Butler staring at her and even if she looked away there was a mirror so he was still watching.

But this is only the beginning, I will write more about my adventures with food soon .