The Watermelon Radish

The Watermelon Radish
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Friday, August 27, 2010


Last night I went to the sushi restaurant, Ajisai. First I had a raw spinach salad, the spinach was really good. The only thing I don’t eat but I have tried in that salad are the Enoki mushrooms, I don’t like them because the mushrooms are long and stringy. The whole thing is drizzled with a light, mild ponzu sauce. Then I had Halibut sushi, the reason I like it is because it has a lemon citrus sauce and a little bit of sea salt. Next Albacore sushi, it has a ponzu sauce and the tuna is pink. Then my favorite, spicy tuna shrimp tempura hand roll. The roll has one piece of shrimp tempura, a little bit of rice and spicy tuna. The roll is wrapped in seaweed ( another favorite).

To finish off my meal I had pork gyoza, which I really like because it has a special secret sauce. Guess I'm just a 'saucy' kid. A fresh orange finishes the meal.

Afterwards we all went to Yogurt Stop, a pump it yourself place. I had Vanilla yogurt, caramel sauce and gummy worms. My dad always has his vanilla with Butterfinger and Reeses pieces, he says “ fruit is for cereal. Meanwhile Tio Pigpen disagrees he loads up on fruit.

That's all for today!


  1. Doesn't a bowl of ramen sound good right about now? Even if its summer!
    I think u would like Shoei's sea bass too, it has the lemon and salt.

    You must try the iced green tea. its swell!

    I think that yogurt shop needs more fruit flavors. And jellybeans and Starburst squares.


    Tio pigpen!

  2. Your blog is great! My daughter and I LOVE sushi!