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The Watermelon Radish
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Boba Before Tennis

After volley ball practice on Tuesday last week, my friend Maya and I made plans to go to the Tea Forest for drinks.  The Tea Forest now has a new name and a big Gelato counter, but it will always be the Tea Forest to me.  When I arrived Maya and her mom were already in line, ordering Boba.  Some of you may think that I'm crazy, but I've never tried Boba before in my entire existence on this planet.  I decided to try it, if so many people liked it then could it be too bad?  Maya and I sat down at one of the small wooden tables, the ones who make a lot of noise on the hard concrete floor, with our Jasmine Milk Tea Boba's.  Maya started drinking without hesitation, and after slurping on the straw for a couple of seconds the small black tapioca balls started to emerge.

Without any further adieu I tried the fragrant jasmine tea.  It was eye crossing sweet and while you were drinking it you could smell it in your nostrils.  It wasn't long before I saw one of the tapioca balls, it was stuck on the top of my straw.
I soon found out that the Boba tasted exactly like the mochi that you get at a frozen yogurt shop.  The tea was way to sweet for me, and I could only drink a little bit.  The boba were chewy and you had to  chew them about twenty times to be able to swallow! OK, not twenty, but a lot.  That was my eventful Tea Forest escapade before tennis, but I do have one more small piece of information to share.  

We are hatching sea monkey eggs in science. In our control beaker we put 1000 ML of water and 5 ML of salt.  In our "Whatever we want" beaker we put 1000 ML of water and 38.5 ML of salt. We're talking Dead Sea salt here! In each beaker we put one scoop of sea monkey eggs, and ours did the strangest thing.  In the super salty container all of the eggs clumped together and rose up towards the surface.  Our teacher said that my group put more salt in our experiment than any group before us!  Because we are just cool like that.  We named the super salty ones, which we are pretty sure will shrivel up and die by Monday, Fred.  We named the somewhat normal eggs Mason, and we are pretty sure Mason will hatch,  because Mason is behaving and staying on the bottom like he is supposed to.  More from my Sea Monkey experiment in the next post!

That's all folks!
-Watermelon Radish