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The Watermelon Radish
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Friday, April 25, 2014

My day as Head of School

When I heard that I would be Head of School for a day, I didn’t know what to expect.  I hadn’t the faintest idea about how the school was run, and I was interested to find out.  I was so excited to be able to fill the shoes that I’ve been looking up to my entire life.
As a Level 8 student, I’m used to having a fair amount of responsibility and leadership opportunities, but nothing prepared me for the amazing whirlwind of a day I was about to have.
First thing in the morning, I prepared extensively to give a speech about our latest Speaker Series Presenter, Lori Getz.  I was honored to give that introduction. After giving my introduction, I went back to Building 1 and got ready for my close up! We took some really great photos, especially for that early in the morning.
After photos, I was ready for my first, of many, meetings throughout the day.  I was amazed to see how Division Heads like Mr. Segar and Mrs. Akana check in on classes and meet with so many teachers. Then, much to my enjoyment, I went back three years and visited a Level 5 class to discuss one of my favorite books, Maniac Magee. 
I have to admit, though, my favorite parts of the day happened just before lunch.  I went back to my roots on the Primary Playground and supervised the children playing. That was really touching for me because I was once playing there with the same carefree smile plastered to my face that I could see on all of theirs. It was really special for me, because that was the playground that cultivated me into the person I am today. I gained so many foundations there.
Another highlight for me would have to be going to lunch at The Point (which despite the 
name isn’t owned by Turning Point) with Ms. Richman. After a refreshing walk there, upon which we discussed social media opportunities for the school and the stylistic decisions that some buildings had made, we were there.  During lunch we also talked about common interests like reading and writing.
That concluded my day and my taste of being part of the Administrative Team, but I had a blast.  It was an amazing opportunity, and the twelve years I’ve spent at Turning Point made it all the more sweet.

Until next time,
The Watermelon Radish