The Watermelon Radish

The Watermelon Radish
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wedding Soup

On Tuesday it was cold, and my dad decided that it would be a perfect time to try out a new soup recipe.  We all agreed that soup was a great choice for a day like this.  After school I went to tennis and got home about 7:30 PM.  It was very cold outside, the air smelled wet, like mist, and I thought that it might rain yet again, so I rushed inside our warm house. I slammed the door shut keeping the cold where it belonged.  I was immediately bombarded by the smell of chicken broth in the kitchen.  Rubbing my hands together in delight,  I followed my nose. There was a pot of broth, simmering on the stove and spitting with delight, the soup that was going to serve as our dinner.  I quickly rushed upstairs and changed into something cozy.  Just as I had plopped onto my bed to read Animal Farm in my fuzzy pink polka dot pajamas, my grandmother's voice came over the loud speaker.  She requested our presence, putting an emphasis on, "Come to dinner NOW!"  She only said, "Come down to the table Arthur (my grandfathers name)!" I sighed, how easily I was forgotten!  Even though I wasn't called downstairs, I hustled to the table and gave Grandpa his pills.  My parents were already downstairs with Brenda, marveling over the Italian Wedding Soup.  The soup had steaming broth with pieces of spinach and egg floating in it, and each person got some tasty meatballs.  In the meatballs there was, ground beef and pork with a pinch of salt, a sprinkling of pepper, a handful of mushrooms and a substantial amount of garlic.  We all sat down and sprinkled some parmesan cheese on the soup and dug in.  At the beginning it was very hot and I very nearly burnt my tongue, but it soon cooled down.  The meatballs had a light flavor and added a nice touch to the soup.  They were very mild, but were still hearty and satisfying.  The egg tasted just like the scrambled eggs I have in the mornings, and I liked them best.  There were also pieces of spinach that were soggy and chewy.  The broth itself was very flavorful and made from chicken stock, which was very noticeable.  I was told that there was also fennel, but I couldn't taste it!

That's all for tonight!
Watermelon Radish  

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sweet Chop

Today my friend HK came over to talk about the Science Fair. We came up with some really interesting topic ideas, we just have to get our teacher to approve them. When we were done with Science we tried to figure out what next to do. We wanted to go on the computer, but we did that a lot the day before, so we were stumped! We thought for what seemed like forever, and then it came to us! We would open up a fake smoothie shop in the kitchen called The Sweet Chop, because the smoothies will be sweet and we chop stuff up to put in them. Down the stairs we ran, my mom agreed to let us do it, IF only we didn't waste food! We decided to make a brochure/recipe book for our future smoothie shop. The first and foremost thing we had to do was take out the blender and plug. It would be really sad if we got everything ready and forgot to plug it in. Our first smoothie would be called, 'The Desert Smoothie". We both knew that raspberries went really well with chocolate so we based this recipe off of that fact. First we placed 9 frozen strawberries into the blender, followed by a few chunks of frozen raspberries. We also added 3 spoon fulls of marshmallow sauce, for flavor, and I can't say we didn't taste some (just to make sure it was OK). Then we searched high and low for the chocolate sauce, but it was nowhere and we were kind of impatient, so we settled for the next best thing. A packet of cocoa powder that my grandmother uses to make hot chocolate. We put this all in the blender and started it but it wasn't blending, and we searched for the solution. Then we realized that we needed some sort of liquid to break it down, so we added 1/4 of the gallon of milk. Or something like that. Then we blended it and it turned a muted pink color with white swirling around at the bottom. We were eager to try it so we left some small pieces of frozen raspberries in the blender. To make it look good we put a swirl of whipped cream on the top, with a real raspberries for a garnish, not to mention the caramel sauce. It tasted like a raspberries with a tiny tinge of chocolate that you would get once in a while. It was super sweet, and it was hard to drink all of, but we managed. Then we decided to make another one, I mean whats a smoothie shop without more than one smoothie? NOTHING!

This one was called "Healthier Than The Last One Smoothie". But I'm not sure the title was accurate. This one was a mixture of mango and bananas, witha little whipped cream. And a little too much orange juice! I Didn't exactly like it, but my mom did , and that's all that mattered.

The next one was our best by far, and if you can then make it yourself! We called it, "The Blizzard". The exact recipe was:
2 milk chocolate oreos, 1/8 gallon of milk ( We think), 5 peppermint chocolates, and as much marshamllow sauce as you want! It was the best, all I can say is, "It tastes like the holidays!"
Makign smoothies is a reall blast, try it sometime
The Watermelon Radish