The Watermelon Radish

The Watermelon Radish
A Kid's Point of Food

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Last night I went to the South Beverly Grill. First, we had artichokes which were grilled. I like food that is burnt, so the artichokes were good. Then we had deviled eggs, which personally I don’t like because, I only like eggs prepared over-easy or scrambled.

Then we had tuna tartar, which is sushi grade tuna chopped up with some greens. The tuna was my favorite appetizer, try it with lightly toasted French bread.

For his main course, my dad had some halibut from the Channel Islands that I did not try but he said “ tasted mealy”. Mom had a caesar salad with corn, that was heavy on the anchovies, but tasty. I had a big burger. It had white cheddar cheese, pickles, tomato, lettuce, onions and hickory sauce. It was really good and it was the first time I have had a burger with toppings other than cheese except at Dodger Stadium. ( Carls Jr . Star Cheese )

today’s quote is “ feed yourself the way you want to be treated ”

I’m going away for two weeks and will later fill you in on exotic food from San Francisco and camp life .

BTW... the green peppers from our garden will be ready by the time I return

Au revoir

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Burratta Burratta!

When summer began, one day we came home and picked a good ripe Watermelon Radish. We went inside and ate it raw . It was good, not too spicy, very crunchy and a little on the sweet side. Then we ate the radish with Burratta cheese on a Wheat Thins cracker. With the taste of the radish, the mild softness of the cheese and the crunchy and salty cracker it tasted great. I’ve also had Watermelon Radishes with ranch dressing, and with French Loaf bread. But, it tasted the best with Burrata on a cracker. And I recommend that to all my readers! But for your first try not just any radish, or a stale cracker, or any other cheese! Try it exactly how I told you!

That’s today for this kid’s point of food!


From our garden

Do you know why this blog is called The Watermelon Radish? Well, it all started with my family and our love of food.I'm a ten year old who eats EVERYTHING! Whether I like it or not, I'm willing to try.

From McDonalds chicken nuggets to Duck Fois Gras in France, my motto is "try it - you JUST may like it!" I live in Los Angeles California, and have been lucky enough to EAT my way through Italy, France, Spain and the U.K. ( not to mention all over California) and I am not done yet. So join me on my adventures and share your "point of food".

Remember "try it - you just may like it."