The Watermelon Radish

The Watermelon Radish
A Kid's Point of Food

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Night out in Mammoth

When I go to Mammoth it is a tradition to eat at Tamarack, a lodge and restaurant. This time SOMEONE called and canceled our reservation, so we had to wait in the lobby playing chess and listening to the opera Carmen over and over again. When we went in the restaurant we were happy to eat.

For an appetizer I had a cheese plate, all of the cheeses were soft and creamy there were five different ones and I recommend you eat from left to right. That way the cheeses get stronger as you move to the right, my favorites were a goat cheese and a Brie. - My dad had a Burrata tomato salad. That was " PRETTY DARN GOOD, but then again isn't everything good in Mammoth?!" B had a spinach with stilton (which is a blue cheese and a bit stinky) salad. Which was "Amazing". My mom had Escargot, which I DO NOT eat because my friend has a pet snail. But I do like to dip my bread in the sizzling olive oil, parsley and garlic that the snails cook in.

For a main course I had a Petit Fillet Mignon, medium rare. It came with scalloped potato and Bok Choy, it was very good and I have it every time I go there. Both my dad and B had Elk medallions, with my scalloped potato's. B's wife A had a vegatable wellington, which is a pastry shell filled with cooked veggies. It was my first experience with any wellington but I did not like it.

For dessert I had a Fresh Maine Blueberry Tart, with blueberries that were ripe and perfect. It tasted best with whipped cream and ice-cream! Dad says it is " a good place, but they need to change their menu". One more thing, I don't want to hear the opera Carmen for at least a month or two!!!
That's this weeks point of food!

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