The Watermelon Radish

The Watermelon Radish
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Birthday Pasta Soup

In a few days we are celebrating a Birthday in the Carpenter household. Tomorrow BW is having a B-Day. She likes pasta and she likes soup so my parents decided to make their special tortellini soup. I helped to make the tortellini's. First I took a piece of Gyoza wrap and I covered the outside edges with water. Then I took the meat mixture my mom had made the night before and plopped it in the middle. I fold the whole thing in half lengthwise and then I take the right corner and tuck it under the left corner and stand it up then fold the top over like a flower. On a tray with flour, I placed about twenty tortellinis. ( we made five trays in all)

After we let them air dry, we put them in the freezer. Then off to the school picnic. That night before the special dinner my dad made chicken broth and cooked the frozen pasta in it. BW loved them, they were perfect! When I took my first bite of tortellini I tasted dough nice fluffy and silky sweet on my tongue. Then I got to the meat, a whole different taste. Sort of ruff but soft and yummy. The broth was my favorite, it did not hurt my teeth. The day before my braces were tightened, ick! My second helping of broth tasted amazing, the tortellini's were soft and easy on my teeth.

questo e' tutto

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  1. sounds like a busy, "another" school picnic, but the soup sounds amazing. Maybe we'll get a chance to try before we leave?????

  2. Do you ship your tortellinis? Id like to order 26 trays pleeze. Then put them in the freeze, then seize a handful at a time, sprinkle with thyme, squeeze a little tequila and lime into my own chicken broth. ( Made with a live chicken, by the way) (like when you boil lobsters).


  3. I really enoy your posts, and this one really made my mouth water. Yum!