The Watermelon Radish

The Watermelon Radish
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Friday, August 13, 2010


Today I‘ll share my views on camp food.

Day one: I made a taco filled with salad and a tiny bit of meat. The shell of the taco was crunchy and the filling was healthy and not too spicy.

Everyday at lunch and dinner there is a main salad bar with fruits and vegtables and a ‘special bar’ that changes at each meal, like a nacho bar or potato bar or salad bar... The only camp requirement was that we eat a fruit or vegetable each meal. Seemed like a good idea.

After doing every thing I did in a day, swimming in a lake, sliding down water slides and driving go-carts, I had to eat a healthy meal! A good energy rich breakfast, including fruit, a breakfast burrito, but it won’t be complete without chocolate milk and a glass of water.

After breakfast. I do two activities and then a good power lunch to build muscles: a green salad with ranch dressing and some nachos on top with meat and a little cheese - yum yum yum.

Followed by rest hour!

Two more activities. Like animal care and GIANT slip n’ slide. Then we have shower hour and it’s dinner. A salad with ranch dressing, chicken fingers and a brownie or a slice of cake.

The last day I tried Vegemite. It’s from Australia and I think it is a paste made with veggies. Anyway, I tried it on white toast. Never ever ever ever try it! It was salty and coated my throat with a dry feeling. But, that is my opinion. IF you like Vegemite and you are reading my blog, please tell me the Watermelon Radish why you like it.

Signing off with our Closing campfire song...

Black socks

they never get dirty

the more that you wear them the blacker they get

someday I think I shall wash them

but something keeps telling me

don’t do it yet

not yet

not yet

not yet

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  1. I think vegemite is an acquired taste. I grew up eating vegemite in Australia and I love it! There is a similar spread in the UK called Marmite but because I didn't eat that as a child I hate it.

    When I eat vegemite on toast I always have a cup of tea with it. If I eat peanut butter on toast I will have coffee. Don't ask me why. Those are just my rules.

    When we were little we'd make a butter & vegemite sandwhich on Sao biscuits instead of bread. Saos had holes in them and we'd squeeze the biscuits together and vegemite worms would squirt out of the holes. Good times!