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The Watermelon Radish
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mac Donalds, but better!

On our second day in Italy me, mom, dad, Alisa and Bruce all were wanting a lunch of good food. Also at the airport my family was disappointed because the only forms of food where Panda Express, Pete's Coffee and a Buffalo Wings Bar and what we really wanted was a hamburger! Anyway, when we all got to our villa in 'Panzano in Chianti' the property manager ran out to greet us and told us about a great hamburger place run by a famous butcher in town who has three restaurants! This butchers name is Dario Cecchini, and in his view... vegetarians are unwelcome. My dad wanted to find out about Dario's burger place and went to his butcher shop. The shop was full of people drinking free wine and having bread with rosemary lard and salami. The burger restaurant was upstairs from the butcher shop but was closed already.

The next day we went for lunch and ordered "Mac Dario' burgers. The menu only had two options, a burger that was like a rare meatball but grilled on the outside and amazing fries or some veggies with meat carpaccio. My dad, Bruce and mom ordered their own, but I had seen the plates and they were huge! So just as I was about to ask Alisa if she'd like to share one with me she asked the same thing and we agreed. We ordered 4 Mac Dario's and one raw veggie bowl. The veggie bowl came first and the head waiter made the dressing for us. He 'tossed' us each a little bowl and threw some salt in each of of them. Then from a good distance away, he poured Red Wine Vinegar into the bowls and topped it of with 'Italian' Olive Oil. We dug into our veggies and the dressing was so refreshing we wondered if it was really only the ingredients he had flung in! Then the burgers came, and I have a review from each of us! When dad bit into his Mac Dario he said, "Unique, and Top Quality!" Mom took a small bite of her rare Dario and babbled, " I could eat the whole thing but I shouldn't, this is killer!" Bruce just mumbled, "Yummmmmm!" Alisa and I cut ours in half and both took a piece. Alisa looked at me and said, "Oh ya sister!" and I laughed and cut into my rare burger and before I could say anything Bruce yelled, "Have you tried this ketchup? its like not ketchup!" I replied, "After I try it alone." I picked up my fork and poised it over the meat on my plate and stabbed a small piece and dad chuckled whispering, "Girl bite!" I ignored him and popped the piece of meat into my mouth, it was so good and the meat was not hard it was rare and soft, it wasn't too rich and it made me want more of it! I said, "This is super duper good!" Then I thought, can we come back? We walked away full and happy! So if you're ever in Chianti, go to Panzano where you should drop by the one and only Mac Dario's

I give it five stars!

Bye bye all my five starred fans!

Watermelon Radish