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The Watermelon Radish
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

French Reunion

Last night at my house we had a party. Our friends from France, Phyllis, JJ, Julie, Jordie, and Catherine came for dinner. We also had our good friends from LA, Carlyle, Web and their daughter Marjorie and our cousin Tavan. We all hung out for a while talking, eating bread, cheese and olives. After about an hour my brother Chris, his girlfriend Audrey and her friend Regina stopped by. Marjorie, Regina, Chris, Audrey and I all went on the trampoline and bounced around. After that I did mad libs with my friend then it was time for the appetizer. My mom had made Gazpacho the whole day, and I was really looking forward to it. The first time I had Gazpacho, was in Barcelona. We went to a cafe on the water and the soup came in little chilled clear bowls, with different colored layers of soup. There were also little bowls of condiments including croutons, avocado and sour cream. My moms soup reminded me of this because it was really good. It was really refreshing and the taste of tomato didn't overpower that of the cucumber, garlic and red bell peppers. It had a little bit of pepper and was sort of spicy, but not the type of spicy where you had to drink water.

After the soup my dad had a special treat for all of us! We filed into the kitchen with our plates and our choices were, skirt steak, Wild King salmon cooked on cedar plank or both! I chose the steak, but I didn't really like it because I am very sensitive to an ingredient in the marinade, Cumin. I have tried the salmon before and it is barbecued to perfection, it's soft and it cuts like butter. My dad puts a secret sauce on top that makes it taste sweet. I don't really like salmon but ever since I tasted that one I kept telling dad, "Can we have the Cedar Plank salmon?" With that there was a wilted arugula and grilled potato salad. It had a sweet balsamic like dressing but it was mustard vinaigrette. My favorite parts of the salad were the potatoes because they tasted like french fries and the arugula. For dessert there was homemade peach cobbler and little chocolates. I am in on a deal with my dad, so I can't eat any sweets for a month and I get an iPhone! I started two days ago and its not that hard, really!


  1. Your Dad's recipe for Salmon and the secret sauce sounds just terrific. I also liked the sounds of that potato salad tasting like french fries-yummy.
    Have you ever thought of posting these recipes online so we can all taste what you write about? Last evening my family went to a restaurant where they had a wall sculpture of 3,000 tiny succulent plants-it was amazing as was their butterscotch pudding.
    Keep writing-I like your style.

  2. Sounds amazing, wish we were there! So, peach cobbler and little chocolates and you didn't have ANY? I'm impressed, you must really want that iPhone :)

  3. Hello,
    I keep following your watermelonradish blog and I am fascinated that you distinguish so clearly the tastes of the mentioned food.
    Love the sound of the cedar plank salmon-I wish oneday you you post a few recipes-that potato salad sounds YUMMY.I always taste that fudge you one wrote about-I bet that was delicious too.
    Keep writing-keep us informed-share a few recipes and get that Iphone.

  4. Well after reading this, my mouth is truly watering. you do have a way with words Watermelon person.