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The Watermelon Radish
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bringing Up Bunny

Hi everyone,

I have added a new pet to our family, a bunny.  She was my science project, and I decided to keep her,  my partner and I named her Cruella.  For those of you who might not know, rabbits do what they do best, pee and poop.  So, after some research, I decided to give her a bath.  Those of you who are reading and have your mouths hanging open and are quite confused and wondering "who would wash a bunny?" please close your mouths and listen.  First, I took apart her travel case and placed it in front of her hutch.  Then got the hose and dribbled a little bit of water into it, only up to her feet.  I strategically opened the door and grabbed her.  She clawed and made strange snuffling noises and tried to get back into the comfort of her bed.  Once she calmed down I put her into the water and washed her feet.  I had only intended to get her feet wet but I actually got her entire body wet, so I got a bottle of our dog's shampoo and cleaned her fur too. 

This was very cute and she seemed to like it.  After that I put her on top of her house and plugged in a mini hairdryer.  When I turned it on, she freaked out and bit my finger. Biting my finger is a habit she has whenever she is about to start licking it.  And yes, close your mouths again, bunnies do enjoy licking people. Holding her tightly, she allowed me to turn her into a puffball of white fur. She looked like a million dollars.


For any of you out there who need me hairdressing services, please comment on my blog.   After giving her a bath, I had many scratches and a big case of C.O.  C.O. is cuteness overload, and I had to lie down.

  But, I didn't lie down for long because the voice page rang through the house, "Dinner is served. Come to the table. Can you hear me?" and from the background, "Hang up mom, hit the red button."  Grandma said, "What red button?" And the rest was cut off, but I raced into the kitchen, to be greeted by a delectable smell.

Dad ushered me to my seat and placed a steaming plate of Dover sole, and risotto in front of me.  I cut a small slice, I'm quite neurotic about the possibility of bones, and took a bite.  Thankfully, no bones.  The light and meaty flesh of the fish was complimented by the olive oil and lemon-parsley sauce.  Overall it tasted great and there were enthusiastic "mmmmms" from around the table.  The risotto was infused with Parmesan Saffron, and tasted creamy and fresh.  The Caesar salad dressing was a little thin, but nothing can't be fixed by adding dark green romain lettuce.  Everyone likes the light green lettuce but I enjoy the darker green leaves.  Finally, best for last, there were baby artichokes, grilled to perfection by my grandma!  No kidding, my dad.

That's all everyone!
Bye bye!
Watermelon Radish


  1. This blog made my day! You description is so vivid and Cruella is so cute. Can't wait to see her on weekend!

  2. I always love seeing A+. Superb job!

  3. HH wonders: Does your grandma know you have a rabbit at the house??????

    1. She knows all right, she rather likes her too!
      Watermelon Radish

  4. I'm thinking Cruella may be prepared as one of the house chef's dinner experiment. He sounds adventurous. You best keep an eye on both father and rabbit.

    Or you may be served a Seasmoke-marinated Cruella with asparagus, wild rice, and roasted caulifower florets (bunny tails!).

    BTW- does a rabbit do a full body shake off after bathing? Like a dog?

  5. So happy to be catching up with your wonderful blog. Love the "bath" pictures and I like your description of dinner almost as much as I enjoyed eating it! You pass on the most interesting things in your blog. Seems you don't miss a detail of any event....and by the way you're a very fun kid.