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The Watermelon Radish
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I scream, You scream, We all scream for HOMEADE ice cream

When my parents took their long trip to Spain I was left in the hands of my grandparents, Brenda, my good friends Nikki and Jennifer, and my friends families.  When Nikki was there to greet me after a long and grueling three days at "WOLF Camp"  I was so happy I could have died(which I was on the verge of doing anyway).  To make up for all the hiking and mosquito's we had two days of laying around and having fun.  Nikki brought her Vita Mix juicer so that we could have homemade smoothies and her low fat ice cream.  I think we only left the house one time, and that was to eat at CPK and then get dinner for everyone.  Some nights we made ice cream with little else than frozen walnuts, frozen bananas and whatever frozen fruit we wanted.  It doesn't look like the sugary stuff that the tycoons advertise on TV, but it sure is good.  It's very creamy and fruity, you can't taste the walnuts at all!  I recommend strawberry and pineapple.  While eating the ice cream we watched 'Tangled' the super funny Rapunzel story, 'The Princess and the Frog' a new take on the Frog Prince, and the Turtle-Man.  Please comment if you have seen the Turtle-Man, he is the whackiest guy on Animal Planet, he has a strange team, no teeth and he dives for turtles.  I think he is hilarious.  The fun weekend with Nikki had to end on Monday, my first day of school, as I was taken against my will, to school.  After school I was on the road again, moving in with another family.  While at my friends houses I had some  great home cooking.

When at the Gubernick's house, whom I have mentioned before, I had a number of terrific meals.  My favorite was a tofu stir fry with sticky rice, the tofu was soft and marinated in a sweet sauce, and the rice was nice and....sticky.  There were some vegetables like asparagus, that added a nice crunch to the meal.

At the Vizard's house, who I'm sure I've also mentioned, I had a light salad with Dijon mustard vinaigrette and pizza.  The vinaigrette was pungent, and tasted like a combination of mustard and lemons, a perfect idea!  The pizza was exactly what I was craving that day, and I talked animatedly over dinner.

After my first week at school I came home to my grandparents, Brenda, Stella (my dog), Cruella (my rabbit) and Jennifer.  I was overjoyed to see Jennifer.  That night we went out to Asahi Ramen on Sawtelle.  As we scored a table and sat down we were giggling like we hadn't seen each other in a long time.  But truthfully, I see her a lot while she is reading to my grandpa.  The first items to arrive were our pickles, now you must understand that these are no ordinary pickles, they are soaked in sesame sauce and a pinch of hot sauce.  So after we tried, unsuccessfully, to eat them slowly, we ordered another plate for each of us.  Then, using my sweet voice, I ordered a platter of noodles with pork and bean sprouts.  Jennifer specified a half order of fried rice and tofu.  The noodles were decadent and the bean sprouts were crunchy.  There was some sort of spice on the top, like curry or cumin.  The only problem was that after a while the pork and pork sauce on top was very rich.  The "Half Order" of rice didn't seem like a half order to me, or to Jennifer.  But combined efforts conquered the rice.  It tasted like any other fried rice.  Jennifer also had some of my noodles, but not the pieces with pork.  The tofu from the rice dish was soon soaking in soy sauce in its bowl while we half laughed half ate.  I made sure that Jennifer had chewed and swallowed whatever she had been eating before I told her a funny joke.  After our dinner we made a quick cupcake stop to Magnolia Bakery to have a late night birthday celebration for Brenda.  We had planned on beating Brenda and the grandparents home but we were a little bit later than we thought.  We arrived at the house and set out our homemade card and one chocolate cupcake with a sign and candle (not lit) in it.  As Jennifer turned off the lights I ran upstairs to get Brenda.  And once we had sung "Happy Birthday" we each had a very yummy butter cream cupcake.

         After drinking three glasses of milk to help with the rich and silky frosting, I went to bed.

The next morning, it was time to make HOMEMADE ICE CREAM!  One of the bonuses, even though making ice cream is the big bonus, was that it was going to be strawberry flavored.  So at about 8:00 in the morning Jennifer and I followed Brenda into the kitchen to get her ice cream maker.  Once she left us with little else than the ingredient book and some yummy items, Jennifer and I started to add them to a big metal bowl.

First we added some half and half cream, almost the whole carton, and then mixed it with vanilla.  I am, "BLUSHES" very good at whisking, so the mix was fluffy and blended nicely after only a few minutes.

While the ice cream sat in the freezer,  Jennifer and I went off to play tennis.  Jennifer and I almost died from the heat while playing, but we rewarded ourselves with a nice 'frosty' shaved ice.
While we were gone Brenda added the strawberries to our ice cream and then all we had to do was blend them together and put the bowl back in the freezer.  We were looking forward to a great dessert after dinner!

 Dinner was a long time away, and that didn't help.  But once dinner arrived we ate politely, but what we ate isn't important, this post IS about HOME MADE ICE CREAM (just read the title).  Once dinner was over we tried the pretty pink frozen cream.  It WAS good!!  The frozen berries were very sour, but the sweet creamy ice cream balanced the two flavors.  The ice cream was so yummy that I just had to have two scoops, which I did.

Finally, we sat down to watch The Incredibles and Lemony Snicket's: A Series Of Unfortunate Events.  The Incredibles was way better.

-Watermelon Radish


  1. What a great post. Amazing writing, felt like I was there....but I wasn't...I was in SPAIN with your parents! We knew you were in good hands and it sounds like you had a great week. The smoothies and the ice cream sounds really good right about now...but alas, we don't have any! Miss you tons.

  2. I was in LA and I didnt have ice cream...thanks a lot! This coming weekend's forecast is for "torrid heat" Hottest days of the year. so you could make ice cream and invite some of your buddies over for a scoop... no names (me), just saying (me)

    You've grown what, like 2-3 inches and your writing has grown too... 2-3 light years... wonderful post. You're the Kid, kid.

  3. Ice cream and cupcakes! (when the parents are away....the kids will play!) Memorable B-day and fun with you, Niki and Jen. Love how full of life and enthusiasm you are. Love my kid friend.....

  4. Hi Kellen,
    I loved reading about all your latest adventures and glad to see you and the family are having such good times. I enjoyed all your pictures and most of the food looked great.
    Thank you for keeping me in the loop,love to all. Gene

    P.S.I Iook forward to reading your first book!