The Watermelon Radish

The Watermelon Radish
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Thursday, September 26, 2013


         A family home should always be pulsating with laughter, and in this respect, my family shines with diversity.  Laughter is to us humans as a mouse is to a cat.  It is a reason to live, thrive and be happy.
         The laughter that echoes in my house is unique.  My grandmothers laugh is like a polite tinkling of bells clashing together to form a beautiful melody.  Grandma's laugh is the sound of a wedding day.
         My grandfathers laugh is choppy and fluctuates in rapid patterns.  Grandpa's laugh is waves crashing to the shore.
         For almost their entire lives, my grandparents have been sharing laughter.
         My dad's bright ivory teeth smile, and his deep chuckles fill up the room.  Dad's laugh is hard work and kneading the rich soil.
         My mother's laugh is light and airy, and you can tell just by hearing it, that she is happy.  Mom's laugh is shooting for the moon and snoozing on a star.
        My family's laughs are filled with emotion and flair, but mine might be the strangest of all.
         My laugh is the single drop of water that tumbles over the waterfalls and glints in the misty rainbow.  My laugh is untamed, like the wild tiger caged in the zoo.  My laugh gets higher and lower each second.  My laugh is the moments where black ebbs your vision and insanity makes your voice quaver.  My laugh is the moments hunched on the floor, unable to breathe, a mixture of laughs and sobs tearing through you.  My laugh is me, my laugh is free, and my laugh is forever changing.


  1. Can hear the echoes of their laughter as I read the blog

    Beautiful writing


  2. What a lovely chuckling, post..
    Loved it!...
    and can you believe the power of laughter..if each of our laughs is as a 'single drop of water'..
    and millions and billions of drops come together to form one roaring water fall..what awesome power our laughter could have... so..never forget the power of one!!


  3. Dear Kellen....just got home from my visit with your grandmother and brief visit with your grandfather, your busy mom and just a sighting of you....just reread your last post and wanted you to know it really made me smile. Thank you for are really a good writer.
    Hugs aunt Anne

  4. I am lying in a hammock and just read your post. I love it!!! The language is beautiful and I can hear each laugh as you describe it, and then the symphony of them altogether. Another funny thing-my hammock faces the large bay window where your grandfather performed our wedding so when I read about your grandmother's laugh while seeing that window in the background, that was especially cool!
    Keep on writing. I love reading it.

  5. Love youuuuu
    Dani Stypayhorlikson

  6. Hi Kellen, Thank you for sending me your Watermelonradish i really enjoy reading them. I think they are outstanding.
    Very best regards.

  7. Dear Kellen,

    I'm chuckling myself after reading your "laughter" and "monkey" blogs. Your writing has developed so impressively. Your metaphors are apt, particularly the one about your laughter and "blackness," but my favorite part is your voice. You are a thoroughly unique and interesting young lady. Keep those watermelon radish blogs coming!


  8. Kellen, you are the family’s literary treasure.
    I love reading your stuff.
    Uncle Timmo

  9. You bring tears of joy to my eyes everytime I read your blog.

  10. I especially love that you can make OTHERS laugh with you! Thanks for another wonderful post from my very favorite blogger.