The Watermelon Radish

The Watermelon Radish
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yesterday it was my Grandmother's birthday. So we went on a drive out to Ojai Valley. We ate at a restaurant called Azu. It was very cold in there!

We ordered tapas to start. A warmed brie with honey/lemon sauce, candied walnuts and grilled toast. It was really good because brie is my favorite cheese and I love honey and burnt toast. Then we had dates wrapped in bacon and stuffed with sausage. The dates were great, I don't usually eat them but these were wrapped in bacon! The dates were sweet and chewy, the bacon was crunchy and smokey and the sausage in the middle was spicy. Yummy and warm in my tummy. We also had ground lamb kibobs which were probably my least favorite, because they tasted too gamey. After that we had a chili's rellanos, which I have written about before. These were very different, because they had a light creamy tomato sauce with extremely spicy chili's.

My parents had an arugula salad, the only part I tasted was the Feta cheese (which was very good). For my main, I had a Kobe beef bruger. The burger was supposed to be medium rare, but it came very well done. It was still very good, but it was very black. I liked the french fries, which were skinny and mushy. After lunch we went to a homemade ice cream parlor, because it was a hot day. I had two scoops, one was vanilla caramel, which I love because I love both vanilla and caramel. My other scoop was blue oreo, it is the same as original oreo but blue - which makes it more popular. My Grandma had two scoops also, coffee and pistachio. It was a really great day!
Than's all Folks!


  1. Hello Watermelonradish,
    I love your photos. If you don't become a food critic perhaps you will be a photographer.
    I think the dates (sweet) with the salty bacon would be an excellent combination-you have a very sophisticated palate.

  2. I like to wear chili rellenos like bedroom slippers on a chilly morning when Im in Santiago, Chile. And an arugula poncho for camouflage when searching for feta ice cream in Athens. And did you know there's a brie tee in Kobe? In the French Embassy courtyard, where u can order frites.


  3. yo yellen your new name is Ellen-the-awsome-fuge-maker!!!!