The Watermelon Radish

The Watermelon Radish
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sawtelle Kitchen with friends

Last night my family and I met B and A for dinner at the Sawtelle Kitchen. While the adults chatted I created the face of J, my new art teacher out of buttons. It was a very good and interesting dinner. First I ordered french fries with dried seaweed flakes. They looked like regular fries with little flakes of various seasoning. These fries were unlike any other I have tasted. Since I love seaweed, I loved these fries. They tasted like normal french fries but they had yummy salty flakes of seaweed. Another thing we all shared were the yams with plum-lemon mayo. The yams were really good and they tasted like potato but better. Then we all had steamed mussels. I don't usually eat mussels but these were not too fishy and they tasted great. The mussels were cooked with a miso broth, wet seaweed and white wine.

Our main meals came with soup or salad. Everyone except me had a simple mixed green salad which I heard was very good. I had a bowl of steaming hot miso soup with yummy tofu and seaweed. For a main course my dad had some very creamy pasta called carbonara. His pasta was very good and had mini ham flakes, everyone had some! My mom had some fresh salmon with wasabi cream sauce. I did not try it but she loved it and my dad loved it. B had shrimp curry that I didn't try because I don't eat shrimp and I don't like curry! B's wife A had chicken curry with mixed veggies. She persuaded me to try it and I did. I had a bite with chicken and asparagus, the curry on the chicken overpowered me. I didn't eat the chicken but I ate the asparagus. For my main, I had six-hour cooked lamb shank. The meat fell off the bone, and the meat was very good but quite rich so I took it home. They ran out of ice-cream and sorbet so we walked to a really cute Japanese clothing store, called Happy Six . I bought a bright green sweat shirt with my favorite Japanese character on it. B and A are moving to France soon and this is our second to last dinner with them.


  1. Hello,
    You write so descriptively that I want to run over to that restaurant. I agree with you about the lamb being too rich-I find lamb is best grilled. I never eat osso buco anymore as I know how they raise the calves. Your description of the chicken curry is probably right on as they some of these chefs can get a bit carried away with the curry and it overpowers everything else. All in all I'm going to try that resaurant and appreciated your comments. I enjoy your blog.

  2. boo hoo is right! We had a lovely time last night, got a bit teary eyed when we left and it's not even our last time seeing you for a while. Dinner was so good. Not too full but very satisfied. Fun going to Happy Six too. Julio will love the portrait out of buttons.

  3. Unbelievable! This is the best portrait of myself I've ever seen. Such a clever idea! I am mesmerized by your blog. It's so interesting! I'll be a fan of your posts and will share your blog with everyone. BTW, I've never been to Sawtelle Kitchen but after your post I will definitely try it. Thanks!