The Watermelon Radish

The Watermelon Radish
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Golden Buddha

For our last night in Arizona we tried to go to a famous pizza place called Pizza Bianco, we arrived 30 minutes before they opened and asked the parking attendant how long the wait would be ( no take out) " Three and a half hours!" We said " thanks !" and went to a nice place that served Asian food called Golden Buddha.

First we had pork dumplings that were very nice and were not greasy at all! They were in a sauce that was like plum sauce but with scallions. Then we each had a bowl of soup, mom and I had soup with tofu and spinach. The soup was salty because of the spinach but the tofu made it sweet and soft. My dad had Sharks fin soup ( which he always orders whenever he sees it).
I would NEVER even try that! We all shared Peking Duck and made little tacos like this... first we take a fluffy burrito shell and put duck in it then add veggies, then add sauce and eat. We also had twice-cooked pork, that was really spicy but clean and great. For our next course we had really yummy Yang Chow fried rice ( my favorite) and Flounder. The Flounder was delicious and I liked it for two reasons, it was not fishy at all and it tasted like it had been prepared on the bbq. All in all a great meal ( and we didn't have to wait 3+ hours!).
We then drove to the Scottsdale Plaza, where Santa Claus was granting little chidrens wishes. We passed a Coldstone and since I had never been I tried it. I mixed Oreos with mint ice cream. It was mint-chocolate chip in the extreme! It was very cool to see them being mixed together on a board. I was a good night!


  1. 3.5 hours for a pizza? I think not. Your meal sounded much more interesting. Shark fin soup....just tell your Dad no to that, it's horrible what they do to the poor sharks just to get their fin. I take it no bones in the flounder. All looks really good.

  2. Sent to me for posting:

    "in bed with a horrible flu

    but when i recouperate.. i'm going to have chinese food in arizona
    your pictures make my mouth water... eventhough I don't eat pork
    you are such foodies... it's great

    we should make a date one night to go to a restaurant somewhere out of los angeles.. you seem to know many xx spanisheyes

  3. There is no restaurant worth a 3 hour wait. You made the right choice to leave. I was really curious why they would have cotton candy at the end of the meal??? The scallps sounded delicious- veal is a no no in my home. Keep on writing I enjoy following where you have dined.

  4. Actually there are restaurants worth the wait...if they offered services like a steamroom or a shooting gallery. I waited for 27 hours at Joe's Restaurant in Djarkarta last year because the komodo dragon kebabs with sheepseye and lychee marshmellows were attracting foodies from all over the globe. One put their name on the waiting list (27 Hours!) given a dart gun, poison tipped dart and a loincloth, pointed in the direction of the komodo dragon lair and if you werent back in 26 hours, well...