The Watermelon Radish

The Watermelon Radish
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Who wants a cake from the pan?

Waking up from a sleepover and having pancakes is my cup of tea!

So, the morning after mysleepover I had my "cup of tea".

I love having pancakes because when I think of them, I think about

happy families and ihop. I also think about a book I read with my dad

when I was little called Little Babaji. That morning I ended up making

them with my mom, while my friend watched. I have to admit,

I did steal a little of the batter on my finger, shhhh!

Once the steaming little blobs of Gee ( which means butter in Indian)

were on our plates we cut them. Then we, at a snails pace poured

on the syrup. The sugary syrup, mixed with the buttery taste

of the cakes was deeeevine, as my sleepover buddy's dad always says!

We also had three of my FAVORITE fruits, Kiwi, Persimmon and Blackberries. The Kiwi was squishy and tart! Persimmon tastes like the name sounds, cinnamon. When I eat blackberries I love to eithersquish them in my mouth or pick off one piece at a time. To top it all off, we had a glass of superorange-tasting Orange Juice.



  1. those are some good looking pancakes! Haven't had them yet here in France, might have to whip some up this week. I always seem to still be hungry 1/2 hour later though. Maybe I'm not eating enough.

  2. hurray for the pancake maker, we love them in this house too. we often add bluberries or for a treat chocolate chips to them. Good old canadian maple syrup, yum

  3. Hello Pancakeperson,
    You have a fabulous way explaining your love of food-you are very descriptive with your thoughts and makes me want to try making pancakes from scratch instead of Aunt Jemima or IHOP. Keep writing.

  4. Did I ever tell you about the thyme I got busted at US Customs for trying to sneak Canadian maple syrup across the border? First thyme I came to the window they asked what do you have to declare? I said something about life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They said,< whats in the can with the red maple leaf ?> I mean, whaddya think you idiot? Canadian MAPLE SYRUP!< Cant bring it in, buddy. Turn around, go back.> OK.

    So 20 minutes later I tried again different gate. TsingTao beer, sir, is that a problem? -- well, I panicked, because I had poured out the chinese beer and put in the maple syrup in the red star bottle. I figured they had been drinking all night anyway, seeing how I was coming off the redeye from Toronto. Could they tell syrup from beer? he huffed. Well, I was strip searched, pelted with eggs, beaten with a wisk, poured out onto a Homeland Security griddle, seared on both sides and finally, the crowning injustice of it all: sent me packing across the border syrupless, like a IHOP silver dollar pancake special. But I got the last laff- I could see them chugging my maple syrup in the rear view mirror, but then running for the bathroom cuz I laced it with instant acting ExLax.

  5. When I was little, my father drove a truck for a living. When I went with him I would constantly fall asleep. Every time I woke up we would have to stop for pancakes.

  6. Hello Watermelon Radish,
    I am not a fan of raw fish-someone once told me that if fish tasted a bit fishy it was not fresh. I did like the sounds of the corn though-I've made fresh corn chucked and add fresh lime, rep pepper,cilantro s and p and it is DEELISHUS!!!
    Pancakes looked great with the fresh fruit. Thanks for writing.